molecular imaging of a rat

Advancing the Limits of Molecular Imaging

Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) is a new ultrasensitive, high resolution molecular imaging approach that exquisitely detects nanoparticles anywhere in the body over great lengths of time.

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cell therapy modeling

Accelerating Cell Therapy Modeling

MPI offers absolute quantitative measurements to the migration, targeting and efficacy of injected cells over the course of therapy and beyond.

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Clinical Imaging

Bringing Clinical Imaging Into the 21st Century

Introducing a safe and complimentary technology with the sensitivity of nuclear medicine, resolution of MRI and the speed of CT.

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INTRODUCING HYPER. The first localized hyperthermia platform to support MPI imaging and treatment planning

With the addition of the HYPER module, researchers can identify, target and treat in combination with the MOMENTUM Magnetic Particle Imaging System. Magnetic tracers, such as iron oxide, have been used clinically for many years. MPI harnesses these and similar tracers with the ability to both image tumors, cell trafficking, and vascular perfusion, and locally induce heat, which can direct therapeutic payloads or directly ablate disease sites with millimeter accuracy. Contact us for more information

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Learn more about magnetic particle imaging

Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) is an emerging noninvasive diagnostic imaging technique in the field of Molecular Imaging. Learn more about this new imaging modality, the first to combine high sensitivity, high resolution and positive contrast, by downloading our white paper.


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