We are a fast-growing bay-area startup looking for people who want to make a difference by changing how diseases are researched and diagnosed. Our core technology, Magnetic Particle Imaging, is a new medical imaging technique that offers an ultra-sensitive way to see into the body with better contrast and quantitation. This will enable applications in early cancer detection, cell tracking from immune to stem cells targeting cancers, sites of inflammation or disease repair and dynamic vascular function.

Note to recruiters: Magnetic Insight does not accept unsolicited resumes from staffing vendors, recruitment agencies or search firms, and does not pay fees without a current contract on file.


Current Openings

Manufacturing Engineer

In this position, we are looking for an experienced manufacturing engineer to join the core team. The ideal candidate is an operationally oriented professional with leadership qualities who enjoys contributing to an innovative team. The primary function and role will deal with bringing a late-stage prototype to full production, working as a liaison between engineering and manufacturing. We offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits.


• Interfaces with manufacturing and design engineering in coordinating the release of new products (Transition prototype into full production)
• Works closely with design engineering to close issues found during the manufacturing of new products.
• Develops, implements and maintains operational method sheets, operation sequence and processes in the manufacturing of sub-assemblies and final assemblies in ARENA (documentation control)
• Maintains records and reporting systems for coordination of manufacturing operations.
• Designs and procures manufacturing fixtures.
• Ensure that the manufacturing line is up and running and that any blocks are addressed
• Completes design and development projects by training and guiding technicians


•Experience in semiconductor equipment manufacturing
• Experience with Solidworks
• Experience with light machining (drill, bandsaw, mill)
• Experience with GD&T


• Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering with 5+ years of relevant, hands-on work experience or;
• MS degree in Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering with 2+ years of experience.
• Strong diagnostic and troubleshooting skills in electronics and mechanicals.
• Able to lift 50 lbs
• Must have hands-on work experience as well as a strong team player attitude.
• Ideal candidate will be self-driven.

Senior Analog Hardware Design Engineer

The R&D Hardware team at Magnetic Insight is seeking a Senior Analog Hardware Design Engineer to help refine our low-noise analog subsystems. Since the performance of our imagers is directly linked to the quality of our analog design, we are looking for a talented engineer who can help push our designs to the physics-based detection limits.
In this role you will be working with a diverse team of world experts in Magnetic Particle Imaging, however, you do not need to have an imaging background to be successful in designing these analog hardware subsystems.

Key Qualifications:

● Minimum 5 years of experience in board and system-level hardware design, schematic capture, and PCB layout.
● Advanced spice modeling experience.
● Experience in analog circuits, particularly low noise linear electronics.
● Ability to write clear design documentation, test plans, and validation results.


● Experienced in power distribution units.
● Basic software skills in Matlab, Python or C.


Minimum BS/MS in EE



Senior Software Engineer

We are a fast-growing, revenue-generating, medical imaging startup. We are seeking a software engineer interested in tackling a wide array of software problems related to our imaging systems. This individual must be self-motivated and interested in architecting, designing, and developing our core software.

Our culture

Driven: New clinical imaging modalities don’t come around often. We can count all of the medical modalities on two hands– MRI, X-ray/CT, Ultrasound, and Nuclear medicine. We have developed a new modality, Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI), that can greatly advance medicine and improve patient care. We need driven, talented, and curious engineers to develop our next generation of products.
Respectful: We are currently a small, tight-knit team of five developers who enjoy working together. We value reasoning and respect over title.
Confident: We are not afraid of incorporating new technologies that will improve our product, accelerate our development, and enrich our experiences.
Growth-oriented: Our team teaches each other new technologies and ideas through presentations and hands-on learning sessions. We want to grow together. Moreover, our codebase and product portfolio will continue to grow, opening new opportunities.
Balanced: We work hard but recognize that a healthy work-life balance lets everyone achieve their best.


You will have programming responsibilities for our core codebase. Of chief concern:

Software architecture, design, and modularity.
Infrastructure, maintenance, and testing design as the codebase scales.
Ownership and design of specific systems programming components.
– Example programming tasks:

Improve our asynchronous task handling system/pipeline.
Improve our safety system software that monitors physical properties of the system to ensure the device is running properly and safely.
Develop a telemetry and logging framework to help manage scanners deployed across the globe.
Improve design of signal and image processing pipelines.
Develop command-line tools to aid manufacturing and QA teams.
Help improve physics simulation infrastructure.
– Participate in design meetings, code reviews, and system architecture discussions.

– Write tests and troubleshoot bugs within the codebase.


Proven track record of writing clear, concise, and well-designed software
5+ years of software development experience (or equivalent)
Experience with unit and integration testing
Proficient with Git or other distributed version control software
Python experience
Authorized to work on a full-time basis in the United States. Will sponsor TN visas.


Systems language experience (C, C++, or Rust)

Software Stack:

While we leverage many technologies, if you’re solid in Python or a systems language, you’ll be very capable in our codebase.

Our software systems consists of the following major components:

– Host computer

Performs sequence generation, DSP, image reconstruction, image processing, and physics simulations
Written in Python, Rust, and C
Functional, object-oriented, and procedural software techniques.
Optimization problems and custom solvers
GPU computing with OpenCL and ArrayFire
Qt QML for user interface
Nix for NixOS
– Real-time system

Sends signals to drive our high-powered magnets and motors
National Instruments LabView FPGA (and soon Verilog, VHDL, Chisel, or Clash)
– Safety system

Logs data, monitors, and controls system state
A Python state-machine and Flask/Javascript-based web dashboard


Application Instructions:

Due to the volume of applicants, we will only contact applicants who follow the instructions below:

– Write a cover letter that tells us about you and elaborates on why you are a great fit for the position.

Describe your role in projects you’ve built or worked on relevant to the position. If the projects are public-facing, please provide links.
Address the position requirements above.
Share anything else that sets you apart from other applicants.
– Submit your cover letter and resume on Indeed

We will try our hardest to respond to well-qualified applicants within 4 days of receiving a complete application.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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