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NEW: MPI Quantitation White Paper 

Reliable Quantitation with Preclinical Magnetic Particle Imaging

One of the main challenges with preclinical imaging solutions is accurate quantitation. The MOMENTUM MPI system from Magnetic Insight accurately detects and quantitates the same amount of iron regardless of dilution or volumetric shape, providing reliable measurements for preclinical applications.

With Magnetic Particle Imaging, there is a direct linear relationship between the quantity of super-paramagnetic iron oxide and the signal obtained.  This signal is quantitative regardless of the particle used or the timing of acquisition.

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MPI Grant Support

Applying for a grant can be challenging. At Magnetic Insight, we acknowledge that each grant application is different and that it requires a customized approach with supporting materials and time.

From the required sketches or images, justification of need, summary tables, documentation, instrument organization and other support, we can assist you!

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Magnetic Particle Imaging at WMIC 2019
Attending WMIC?  Stop by our booth #604 Sept 4-7, 2019 In Montreal, QC

Be sure to mark your calendars for some exciting Magnetic Particle Imaging focused events!. 
The Magnetic Insight booth,  #604 - Sept 4-7 
Get the latest overview of MPI successes and new applications such as localized hyperthermia and multimodal imaging

Join us at the Pub Crawl - Sept 4, 8-10PM @ La Cage 
Brasserie sportive, 114 St Paul St E, Montreal, QC H2Y 1G6, Canada
The MPI interest group will be back again drumming up activities to develop you MPI knowledge and satisfy your thirst!

Attend the MPI Workshop and Post Session Mixer - Sept 5: 6-8PM
Speakers from global research groups will give a first glance to quantitative immunology, cancer localization and localized heating using MPI

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Localized Hyperthermia with HYPER
Magnetic fluid hyperthermia (MFH) is a decades-old non-invasive intervention that utilizes the local heating of magnetic nanoparticles with alternating magnetic fields.  Combining a uniform heating profile with depth-independence, MFH has been extensively researched as both a stand-alone and adjunct clinical therapy.  The predominate limitations of the technique are off-target heating of healthy tissue and the quantitation of magnetic fluid distribution. 

However, these limitations are overcome in combination with spatial targeting via Magnetic Particle Imaging guidance.  Targeted MFH was first demonstrated by Tasci et al using a field-free region to precisely direct the energy deposition.(1) In combination with MPI-guidance, Drs. Hensley and Tay used localized hyperthermia to specifically heat the nanoparticles in a tumor, while avoiding heating particles in the healthy liver.(2,3) MPI has the added advantage of providing accurate intra-tumor and whole-body nanoparticle quantitation and biodistribution prior to heating, enabling the delivery of a more precise dose.(4) These advantages have been developed by Magnetic Insight into the HYPER heating platform.

Overall, the HYPER heating platform directly integrates with the MOMENTUM imaging system to provide a streamlined, image-guided hyperthermia workflow.  For more information the potential of MPI and MFH, the authors refer readers to the excellent text chapter by Dhavalikar et al.(5)

1. Tasci, T. O., Vargel, I., Arat, A., Guzel, E., Korkusuz, P., & Atalar, E. (2009). Focused RF hyperthermia using magnetic fluids. Medical physics, 36(5), 1906-1912.
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3. Hensley, D., Tay, Z. W., Dhavalikar, R., Zheng, B., Goodwill, P., Rinaldi, C., & Conolly, S. (2017). Combining magnetic particle imaging and magnetic fluid hyperthermia in a theranostic platform. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 62(9), 3483.
4. Kuboyabu, T., Yabata, I., Aoki, M., Banura, N., Nishimoto, K., Mimura, A., & Murase, K. (2016). Magnetic particle imaging for magnetic hyperthermia treatment: Visualization and quantification of the intratumoral distribution and temporal change of magnetic nanoparticles in vivo. Open Journal of Medical Imaging, 6(01), 1.
5. Dhavalikar, R., Bohórquez, A. C., & Rinaldi, C. (2019). Image-Guided Thermal Therapy Using Magnetic Particle Imaging and Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia. In Nanomaterials for Magnetic and Optical Hyperthermia Applications (pp. 265-286). Elsevier.
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Magnetic Insight Announces Corporate Headquarters Expansion to a State-Of-The-Art 22,000 Square-Foot Facility

ALAMEDA, Calif., July 8, 2019. Magnetic Insight, suppliers of research and diagnostic imaging solutions, announces the completion of their move into a new facility in Alameda, California, to support corporate growth, manufacturing, and R&D infrastructure. The 22,000 square-foot facility provides increased manufacturing capacity for magnetic particle imaging (MPI) systems while enabling new product development and operations. The facility includes a laboratory, a clean room, a demonstration experience space, a manufacturing floor, and a warehouse to support the increasing demand for MPI products.
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