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WMIC 2019


Magnetic Particle Imaging will be presented throughout WMIC 2019 this year by groups from around the globe.
Make sure to join our many events to get you up to speed on new application developments, technology advances and product launches!

Magnetic Insight will be debuting:
  • our new microCT system with integration to the MOMENTUM scanner,
  • MPI based localized hyperthermia platform and HYPER,
  • introducing a new MPI center of excellence in Europe!


Pub Crawl - Sept 4, 8-10PM @ La Cage Brasserie - Magnetic Insight will be sponsoring this event with bar games and prizes.

MPI Workshop & Mixer - Sept 5, 6-8PM @ Convention Center, Room 520b - MPI Interest group’s annual workshop will have some incredible review of latest advances in MPI from imaging immunology to new techniques in submicron molecular imaging.
The workshop will be followed by a happy hour mixer. Get your seat early!
This is the only WMIC reception event this evening and we expect a full house!

MPI Posters & Presentations - Download a list of MPI Posters & Presentations

Appointment - Have questions and want to learn more about MPI? Book an appointment and meet with one of our specialists, one-on-one.

Career Opportunities - Preclinical imaging centers across the globe are developing programs in Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI). Many of these programs are actively enlisting with imaging postdoc positions.  Stop by our booth to learn about current opportunities.

Advancing the Limits of Molecular Imaging
Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) is the new ultra-sensitive, high resolution molecular imaging approach that exquisitely detects nanoparticles anywhere in the body over great lengths of time.

September 2019

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