Magnetic Particle Imaging System

Left: MOMENTUM Imager. Upper right: Neurovascular perfusion and blood pool imaging. Middle: Stem cells within the lungs in a rat. Lower-right: Orthotopic breast tumor in a rat.

Magnetic particle imaging will accelerate your work and give insights to data unachievable in the past.

  • Longitudinal cell tracking
  • Real-time vascular function
  • Cancer & immunology
  • Quantitative 2D & 3D imaging

Introducing the MOMENTUM imager, a fully integrated and self-shielded pre-clinical MPI solution. The imaging system utilizes a high-field gradient main magnet geometry and the proprietary x-space reconstruction process to produce the world’s highest sensitivity and resolution MPI images. The system’s intuitive workflow and robust reconstruction reliably produce high quality images, and do not require a dedicated operator.

Control every aspect of your experiment

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Straightforward acquisition settings

The MOMENTUM offers the flexibility to set up optimal imaging conditions through an intuitive interface anyone can navigate.

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One-click scanning and monitoring

Monitor your scanning progress while analyzing datasets at the same time.

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Quick image viewer

Automatically see your image seconds after an acquisition and quickly assess your data prior to full analysis.