Magnetic Particle Imaging and CT Combined

  • Quantitative cell tracking with context
  • Fast, low dose, and upgradable
  • Purposely designed for MPI workflow

The MOMENTUM MPI system can now be installed as a base system or with an integrated CT module, MOMENTUM CT.

Fast and low dose integrated microCT system optimized for MPI in vivo workflows and applications. By integrating CT with MPI imaging, researchers will have the ability to identify precise locations of functional events in the body, such as cell trafficking to disease sites and inflammation that is detected by MPI, based on tissue and bone structures.

MOMENTUM CT Imager Features :

  • Low dose
  • Fast imaging
  • Integrated co-registration and image analysis
  • Inline acquisition workflow
  • MOMENTUM upgrade path
CT Specifications
Imaging Modes: 3 SNR modes of low, standard and high
Resolution: 3.0 line pairs/mm at 10% MTF
Scan time: less than 60s
Export: Tiff and DICOM
Field of view: 5 x 5 x 10 cm
Dose/scan: 5–50 mGy
Software:Integrated with MOMENTUM acquisition software