We offer a wide range of phantoms specific to MPI applications, for characterizing:

  • Particle Characterization and Analysis
  • Intra-Tissue Imaging
  • Cell labeling Characterization
  • Particle Hyperthermia Characterization and Analysis

Particle Characterization and Analysis

The RELAX module provides a detailed understanding on the performance of a nanoparticles in the MOMENTUM Imager. Analysis informs on the sensitivity and the resolution a given particle can achieve.

Cell labeling Characterization

Cellular labelling techniques and yields can vary widely between nanoparticles and cell types. We offer comparative studies of cell labeling across nanoparticles and provide a proven protocol to ensure successful experiments.

Photo of endogenous hemosiderin deposits inside alveolar macrophages courtesy of Yale Rosen; source.

A Cost-effective Solution for Efficient Screening


Our pricing model is itemized and based on each test performed, giving you full flexibility on the scope of your study. 
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