Magnetic Insight Signs Supply Agreement with Meito Sangyo Co Ltd to Enable Cell Therapy Research with Magnetic Particle Imaging

ALAMEDA, CA May 25, 2016 – Magnetic Insight Inc, a developer of innovative imaging technologies for quantitative angiography and non-invasive cell tracking in research and the clinic, announced today that they have entered into a strategic supply agreement with Meito Sangyo, global provider of chemicals and enzymes in research, diagnostics, food processing and cosmetics. In the agreement, Magnetic Insight will develop and market VivoTrax, a superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle coated with carboxydextran, as a tracer to support stem cell and immune cell tracking in research for both magnetic particle imaging (MPI) and magnetic resonance imaging applications. The VivoTrax cell tracking kit utilizes Meito Sangyo’s Ferucarbotran product, a well-established precursor iron oxide material with translational uses in the clinic.

Magnetic particle imaging is a new imaging technology emerging into the market this year with a key application in the non-invasive imaging of cells with unparalleled contrast, without radiation, and depth limitations. It harnesses the magnetic properties of specific types of iron oxide nanoparticles. Meito’s iron oxide nanoparticle technology is the most widely used MPI tracer and one of the few available for MPI applications.

“Magnetic Insight is excited to introduce the foundational nanoparticle technology from Meito Sangyo alongside our MOMENTUM magnetic particle imager as a full solution to the research market. Meito’s reagents have supported the ongoing development of magnetic particle imaging for the past decade and is an essential part of the imaging technique. It is vital that we enable direct access to both tracer and instrument to accelerate the adoption of magnetic particle imaging and thereby enable new therapy developments in oncology, organ repair and vascular disease” said Anna Christensen, President and CEO of Magnetic Insight.

About Magnetic Insight

Magnetic Insight is a diagnostic imaging company accelerating translational preclinical research with the Momentum Magnetic Particle Imaging System, an ultrasensitive, quantitative and translational approach to preclinical imaging. Harnessing high contrast detection of iron oxide nanoparticles, MPI will provide faster, safer and more accurate detection of cells, blood flow and targeted biological events. The company is being accelerated by Silicon Valley’s most prominent start-up organizations which includes StartX and CLSA Fast.

About Meito Sangyo Co. Ltd.

Meito Sangyo Co., Ltd. engages in the manufacture and sale of confectionary, beverage, and seasoning foodstuffs; and food additives in Japan. Its fine chemicals division produces products, such as polysaccharide and enzymes for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food processing, and animal care industries. Meito Sangyo was established in 1945 and is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan.

Alexa Burrell- Marketing Operations