Theranostic hyperthermia treatment is delivered using the same nanoparticle tracers as Magnetic Particle Imaging. Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia is performed by only heating tracers present in the field free region. This ensures treatment is localized to the specific region of interest, preventing off-target tissue damage. HYPER enables image-guided dose planning and treatment contouring with millimeter accuracy.

HYPER: In Vivo Localized Magnetic Theranostic Platform

The HYPER system features a unique magnetic field control that drives targeted deposition of RF energy with millimeter accuracy. MPI-based magnetic gradients are used to limit the hyperthermia to only a small, adjustable “field-free region” in the sample. This localized actuation field can be used to heat magnetic nanoparticles nanocarriers or devices. Heating can be controlled from severe to induce apoptosis to mild, promoting immunogenesis and drug delivery applications.

The HYPER Theranostic Platform is the only commercial instrument that features a spatially selective magnetic actuation region. The HYPER platform uses a strong magnetic field gradient, also known as the selection field, to direct the actuation of particles. Only particles present in the Field Free Region (FFR) of the selection field are stimulated by the radiofrequency transmit coils. This provides spatial targeting, allowing for region specific treatment plans to be performed. This differs from non-selective actuation methods that actuate all magnetic materials in the sample, resulting in potentially harming healthy tissue.

When used in conjunction with a MOMENTUM MPI imaging system, quantitation of the MPI signal prior to actuation with HYPER facilities non-invasive thermal dose measurements. Having an accurate map of the 3D biodistribution of nanoparticles enables the titration of the RF stimulation required for each region and enables more accurate selection of regions for actuation.

Key application areas for localized RF actuation:

  • Adjunct to cancer therapies (radiation, chemo- and immunotherapies)
  • Direct ablation or apoptosis induction
  • Localized heat-sensitive gene activation
  • RF-Sensitive nanoparticles, liposomes and carriers for payload delivery


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