Introducing HYPER, the first localized MPI RF hyperthermia technology offering millimeter-scale spatial control of magnetic heating for applications in hyperthermia, drug release, and cell activation. The platform debuts at the March 2019 International Workshop of Magnetic Particle Imaging (IWMPI) in New York and the European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM) in Glasgow, Scotland.

The HYPER technology is an add-on module to the MOMENTUM MPI system. The integration of the HYPER and MOMENTUM enables researchers to identify heating targets, develop treatment plans, and then administer millimeter-accurate magnetic hyperthermia. read more

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Join Us for the HYPER Launch Party at EMIM Glasgow

March 21st: EMIM Magnetic Particle Imaging Workshop
8:30 am Carron Room

Learn about the most recent advances in Magnetic Particle Imaging from leading scientists pioneering the field. Invited speakers will go over the latest applications in cell tracking, nanoparticle development and a reveal of the newest molecular imaging technology.

Jeff Bulte PhD, Johns Hopkins University 
A primer and review of early MPI applications

Cordula Grüttner PhD, micromod Partikeltechnologie
Magnetic nanoparticles for multimodal imaging

Patrick Goodwill PhD, Magnetic Insight
Combined MPI and localized RF hyperthermia Treatment - HYPER Introduction


The success of cancer immunotherapy has driven the rapid growth of research into immuno-oncology, which has, in turn, fueled the need to be able to determine the location of a variety of immune cells in solid tumors systemically over time. However, existing methods to track immune cells systemically have been insufficient. Magnetic particle imaging (MPI) can be used to non-invasively track immune cells in vivo. By combining accurate quantification and specificity, MPI can provide information on macrophage and other immune cell distribution over time. 

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