HYPER: In Vivo Localized Magnetic Theranostic Platform

Introducing the first localized MPI RF hyperthermia technology offering spatial control of heating to millimeter-scales, and real-time monitoring of the therapeutic heat dose for ablation, drug release and cell activation models.

The HYPER™ technology is a standalone module that can be used with or without the MOMENTUM™ MPI system. The combination of the HYPER and MOMENTUM enables researchers to identify heating targets, develop treatment plans, and then administer localized magnetic hyperthermia.

Localized hyperthermia reduces heating off-target (healthy tissue) than site of interest

Seamless Integration and Controls for Localized Treatment Planning

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Load Image with target of interest
Transfer subject into the HYPER system along with DICOM file to target desired therapeutic area.

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Identify and target
Define localized regions to perform therapeutic hyperthermia and estimate temperature parameters.

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Monitor and quantify
Monitor localized hyperthermia with temperature probes during the length of therapeutic course. 


  • Mouse transport bed with fiducials
  • Biplanar optical cameras registration
  • Simple co-registration to MPI MOMENTUM images
  • Supports co-registration of imported DICOM formats of most imaging modalities.
  • Real time fiber optic temperature sensors for monitoring (two channels)
  • Software controls for pulsed treatment sequences


  • Bore size: 4 cm (maximum diameter of animal and carriage)
  • Available heating area: 4 x 4 x 10 cm
  • Field gradient: Variable selection from 0.5 T/m to 2.0 T/m
  • Radio Frequency: Field selection from 340 kHz to 20 mT continuous
  • Weight: 400 kg (882 lbs)
  • Width of 1.5 m (60 inches)
  • Depth of 1.5 m (60 inches)
  • Height of 2.0 m (79 inches)

Site Requirements

  • Simple 120V/ 230V single phase electrical power input
  • Area to accommodate instrument footprint